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LLumar PPF Elite
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LLumar PPF originated from the creator of the world's first high quality filter film. Manufactured from the world's largest filter film manufacturer, CPFilms Inc., USA with over 60 years of experience, ISO 9001 standard with outstanding color protection performance for any car.

LLumar PPF protecting car paint no.1 in the world with unbeatable innovation. Intelligent Self-Healing. The film can repair itself when scratched.

LLumar PPF Manufactured from the world's largest filter film manufacturer, CPFilms Inc., USA. Cannot be imitated. Automatic repair of scratches caused by the film Just being hot from the sun or from the engine bonnet Which never had any film done before.
  • Produced from special polyurethane that is tough and thick to 8 Mil. (200 microns)
  • The film is clear, high elasticity, not cracking, not torn or changing color.
  • Protect the car surface from debris, gravel, sand, asphalt, carcass, wood, acid, alkali from chemicals. And various creases.
  • Keep the car color beautiful Easy to clean and does not leave any adhesive residue when peeling off.
  • The film wrapping system to fit each car model, can choose to install both around the car and specific parts.
  • There are 2 types of film to choose from: Gloss and Matt.



SUV (whole car)

160,000 Bath

Sedan (whole car)

150,000 Bath

Hood Full Coverage (including headlights)

65,000 Bath

Hood Particle Coverage

28,000 Bath

Front Bumpers

22,000 Bath

Front Fender

17,000 Bath

Rocker Panels

8,900 Bath

Cladding Door

4,500 Bath


4,000 Bath

Side-View Mirrors

3,500 Bath

Door Edges

3,000 Bath

Handles & Steps

1,600 Bath

Back Bumpers

1,200 Bath

  1. The price does not include VAT.
  2. This price does not include installation fees.
  3. The price may be changed without prior notice.

Tips to take care of LLumar PPF for a long lasting beauty
  • After installation, the car should be parked for at least 24 hours in order to allow the molecules of the film to be attached to the car 100%.
  • After installation, the car should be maintained for a specified period of time, which is 7 days, 3 months, and 9 months respectively, to collect scratches / stains, clean, check the condition, apply varnish.
  • Cleaning stains easily with soapy water and rinse with clean water Without using any reagents.
  • Should be able to coat Kanuba wax * at least 1-2 times / year or as appropriate to enhance the shine to the film and the car.
  • *Waxes that the manufacturer recommends are LLux Gloss & Matte Detailer.
  • LLumar PPF guaranteed for up to 3 years**

Under specified conditions.

PPF is recommended to be installed only for the original car paint from the car manufacturer. Because if installed with the car paint that has been done Or repair from the cradle If peeling the film, it may cause the car's paint to peel off.