film price

Have you ever parked a car somewhere? scared every time and you don’t want to put your valuables in the car because your car film is see through. Or you want to have a dark film but also hard to see when you are driving. these problem are gone with LLumar Safety # 1 high heat protection film from the United States.

LLumar Safety The only safety film that has been certified with high safety standards AAA level, with 5 stars heat resistance performance.
  • Made from more than 3 special polyester layers with special glue. Until the film is up to 4-15 Mil. Thick, tenacious, more durable than conventional solar filters.
  • Help reduce shock When an accident, explosion, storm or other natural events and prevent theft in the car to be 100 percent safe.
  • The transparent film is highly flexible, helping to hold the broken glass together to prevent splitting.
  • From real-life theft testing, with stones, steel bars and baseball bats, glass with safety film can withstand all shocks for more than 40 seconds. Which has never had any safety film ever endured like this before
  • LLumar Safety can prevent heat and more than 99% UV rays. Passed the global performance certification test from IWFA / EWFA / NAESCO / AIMCAL / ASHRAE / ASTM / ISO9001 / BRITISH STANDARD. Also, the film can prevent an impact resistance, tensile strength, penetrating force, tearing force, explosion proof, fire resistance, hurricane protection Heat and UV protection And preventing scratches.

  • This price is in baht.
  • Prices do not include value added tax.
  • Special price for thickness 4 mil (0.004 inch)
  • In the case of adding a side window as a safety film, 8 mil (0.0008 inch) thickness, add 1,500 baht per vehicle.
  • This price starts from 1 September 2016.

Size S : Yaris / Brio / Mirage / March / Mazda2 / Jazz / Fiesta
Size M : Civic / Mazda3 / Altis / HRV / Almera / Focus / Subaru XV
Size L : Lexus / Fortuner / Pajero Sport / Mu-x / X – Trail / Camry / Accord / Forester / Freed / Mercedes Benz / BMW / Ferrari / Lamborgini / Volvo
Size XL : Alpard / H1 / MB 100 / Stepwagon